Zona de Cuarentena



All animals entering our facilities are put into quarantine (isolation period) for a minimum of four weeks to be able to detect any type of disease in a stable and safe environment. The purpose of this isolation is also to detect and eradicate parasites or diseases before sending the animals to their new destination. This way we can check and mend all health disorders prior to export.

The aim of the quarantine period is to keep the animals isolated before travelling, to be attended by our veterinarian and other qualified personnel, thus enabling the group of workers to observe and examine the animal properly. During the quarantine period, all lab tests both requested by the health authorities of the destination country and necessary for health certificates issued by the Spanish authorities are performed.

Depending on the type of animal to be exported and the health requirements of the destination country the following protocol is run:

  • Physical examination
  • Parasites testing and subsequent internal and external treat for parasites (deflea, deworm, delouse, etc.).
  • Cloacal culture to diagnose potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi.
  • Viral diagnostic tests (Newcastle, avian influenza, psittacine Circovirus, avian polyoma, specific Herpesvirus, or others that may be required in each case for getting health certificates.)


The quarantine room is in an area completely isolated from other animals to avoid physical contact, preventing transmission of infectious agents and avoiding contamination.
It measures 50 m², in which different types of cages and voladeras are housed, to meet the needs of animals. This room has got everything you need to avoid causing stress to the animals, to provide them with an environment as comfortable as possible, using suitable materials for the correct size hangers and establishing appropriate temperature, humidity and light conditions.


Animals keep a suitable feeding protocol for the different species housed in the quarantine room, always prescribed and overseen by our veterinarian.


Upon completion of the quarantine period and once received the laboratory reports of all tests that have been necessary to perform, our animals will be ready for the journey to the destination country.



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