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El Canario Roller SL, exports animals in strict adherence to the law. Our company has acquired a wide background and experience in international trade in the last decade. As a result, we now have a wide range of customers all over the world, so we can work with full guarantee of success. If you are looking for any kind of animal, you value quality, perfect guarantee of management and honesty, then we are the company that you are looking for.


El Canario Roller SL. is settled in the Community of Madrid (Spain), just 35 minutes from the airport, allowing us a quick management and effectiveness. Our animals receive the best possible care by our staff and veterinary surgeon, before, during and after being transported to the desired location.

There are two possibilities in our Export activity:

  • The customer manages, purchases and sends the animals (birds, reptiles, mammals, etc.) to our facilities, we get them and send them to their country, performing all the necessary operations for shipment (documentation, complete lab tests, quarantine, etc.).
  • The customer makes an order and El Canario Roller S.L. starts searching for the animal/s requested. In order to maintain our high quality standards, we have a large network of suppliers throughout Europe.

Due to the large amount and variety of animals requested and offered, it is not possible for us to keep all the animals in our facilities. As a matter of fact, we always try to deliver almost directly from breeders to customers, if possible. This way we can minimize costs to adjust the price of the transaction and be able to deliver the animals to the recipient in the best conditions possible, avoiding unnecessary transport and subsequent additional stress.

We select only the best animals for our customers and offer the best prices in the market place. Taking into account that performing an export has a high economic cost, we think it is really important that the animals sent have extraordinary qualities.


Which requirements are involved in the export?
After assessing the needs of customers and taking into account the different possible options, we start managing the export/import and preparing the delivery.

Later on, we check if they are CITES species. If so, we request the CITES permits/certificates required by CITES authorities. Once we get the requested certificates, they are sent via e-mail to our customers in the destination country so that they can arrange the necessary import permits. Upon delivery of your order at the airport, the animals will have all the original documentation attached. In addition, regarding health, we will take responsibility for all health certificates, certificates of origin, blood and other lab tests, etc., which are required for transportation.

Our company takes care of all permits in the country of origin (to the smallest detail), apart from the invoice, veterinary certificates and reservations in the air transport office.

We carry out national and international transportation, always in accordance with IATA regulations approved for the transportation of live animals, ensuring the best attention and protection of the animals during the journey. That is why we ourselves manufacture all transport boxes. We even go a step further in relation to other export companies, and we make additional modifications to the transport boxes in order to meet the specific needs of each species of animal.
Experience has taught us to work this way. Before transport, all the boxes will be inspected for the last time and all they will be carefully labelled as necessary (including shipping address).

We always strive for the highest standards and try hard to follow precise procedures, since we are working with live animals.


Customers of El Canario Roller S.L., both individuals and companies, are already spread all over the world, in the US, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, Indonesia, Portugal, Kuwait, Arab countries.

The reason is easy: we deliver with total guarantee what our customers request. Orders are tailored to the smallest detail.
If you would like to know whether El Canario Roller S.L. can make your wish of exporting/importing animals come true, or if you have any questions about the services we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can speak Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. We would also like to invite you to visit our website so that you can have some more information and see photos of Exports/Imports we have managed with full customer satisfaction.
Contact us for more information about our services.

Best regards,
Manuel Matoses Córdoba
El Canario Roller S.L.



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